I'm MistaKay, a 21 year old music producer from Doncaster, UK.


I've been making music since age 12, but since my daughters birth in January 2016 music has been very kind to me. I actually got my first ever BBC 1Xtra play on the night that my daughter was born. Maybe she's a lucky charm, maybe she motivates me to work even harder than I have done in the past.

I'm humbled to say that since then I've recieved support from / worked with Adidas, Sony, Oasis / Coca Cola, ITV, Channel 4, Beats1, BBC Radio 1, BBC 1Xtra, Rinse FM, Relentless, Red Bull, Complex, VICE, SBTV & many more & I'm fully grateful for that. Big up you if you've backed me on this journey. I haven't come this far to come this far!

Anyway, take a look around the website and be sure to check out my music page to keep up to date with everything.

I've also just launched my own YouTube channel which I'm constantly uploading visuals for beats / mixes on so subscribe for the latest updates.

I have just released an EP entitled "Don't Chat Merde". Every so often I feel obliged to release these free download projects to say thank you for everyones continuous support. Check out "Don't Chat Merde" over on my bandcamp.